WhatsGold Apk v16.00 Official Latest Version For Android February 2023

November 16, 2022 By whatsgold

App Name WhatsGold
Version v16.00
Size 55.5 MB
MOD Anti-ban
Get it On Google Play
Requirement Android 4.0.3 above
Developer Altornedo7
Last Updated February 23, 2024
WhatsGold Apk v16.00 Official Latest Version For Android February 2023

A well-known version of Whatsapp that is quite trendy among people from different countries is known as Whatsapp Gold. Altornedo 7 aka Nasser, created the app. All these mod versions are created for chatting and calling your loved ones who are far away from you. But these are made with exclusive features for more privacy and security. The original Whatsapp only offers a limited number of features, but those are not enough for people.

If you are bored with the same text, User interface, and layouts, then it is time for some change. It offers a stunning gold theme that makes it more unique and popular. You do not worry about downloading Whatsapp Gold as it is not illegal to use it. Although few users can face security issues, it's up to them. Let's talk about the features of the app.

Features of Whatsapp Gold

WhatsGold Apk

Urdu Fonts

Users will get the different fonts for Urdu writing in the mod version of the WhatsGold mod apk. It has more than five types of fonts, and you can choose anyone. It will make your text more unique and aesthetically pretty.

4000+ Themes

The mod version consists of 4000 plus themes. It is an outstanding feature in which users have a wide range of options to choose any theme that they like. It consists of classic and modern themes unavailable in any other version of Whatsapp.

Type text in Urdu

It is an amazing app feature where users can type and send Urdu texts to anyone they want. This feature is lacking in the original WhatsApp. Now users do not need to install any Urdu keyboard to type the text in Urdu. Mod version has an inbuilt Urdu keyboard for ease of the user.

Use multiple accounts

Suppose you are searching for any version of Whatsapp that supports multiple accounts. So you are right because Whatsgold allows users to create more than one account in the same app. You can use different numbers and switch your account from one to another.

VPN feature

Whatsapp is used by millions of users worldwide, but few countries have banned its usage of Whatsapp. If you belong to that country where Whatsapp is banned, then download Whatsgold to break the proxy for free. It has a built VPN that allows users to use Whatsapp anywhere.

Golden theme

The most famous app on the internet is WhatsGold. It is quite popular due to its golden theme, which is different from the original version of Whatsapp, which has a green theme.

Protect Chat with a pin

You can use the messaging app for your business, product details, payment details, invoices, and many more. It contains your sensitive data as well. To make it more secure, set a pin lock to your Whatsapp. You can lock your Chat with a different password.

Customized Lock for selective chats

Users of the mod version are not bound to choose only a single pin for locking all the chats. But you can selectively lock the chats. Each Chat can have a different pin. This is a fantastic feature of the app that will blow your mind.

WhatsGold Apk

Work for all devices

The app works on all devices very well. If you are a beginner, you do not need help operating the app as it is quite simple. You can download the mod version of the app on any android phone, IOS, or tablet for free. It does not charge a single penny from its users.

Quick Chat

Another amazing feature to make users happier is the Quick chat option. You can select from the already typed text and send it to anyone. You do not need to type the reply. It is a shortcut and smart way to send a message to anyone without typing.

Track your Contacts

It is quite fun to track the activity of your friends on Whatsapp. You can see their last seen, profile pictures, status, and many more when they are online. If they keep everything private, you can enjoy tracing their activity without letting them know about it.

Different Tones of Notifications

Most of the time, we select the notifications from the mobile app. And we receive the same notification ringtone for Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram messages. But now Whatsgold has a series of different ringtones specifically designed for WhatsApp.

Change screen

If you are bored with the layout of your Whatsapp and want some change in it, do not worry. Use the mod version of the app and get the different background layouts free.

Backup your chats

When you do not have an active internet connection, you won't be able to receive any WhatsApp notifications. If you want to receive them back after coming online, use the app's backup feature. It will backup all of your calls, messages, and media files.

No rooting required

The app does not need any rooting of the device. You can download the app without rooting and use it for free. It is quite addictive to use the app.

Do not display message alerts

To turn off the notification on the top bar, try out this amazing feature of the modified version. Hide all the coming notifications appearance. You can only see the message notification while opening Whatsapp.

WhatsGold Apk

Stickers of different shapes

It offers stickers of different shapes. You do not need to install any other app from the Play Store to use the stickers.

Fixed errors

Few users were not satisfied with the features as they faced errors. So the creator of the app has fixed all the errors for them.

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Can we download the Whatsgold mod from the Play store?

No, mod versions are not available on the Playstore.

Is there any virus in Whatsgold mod?

No, app is free from all viruses.


Whatsgold is the updated version that has no competition with other mods. It is unique with Urdu fonts, 4000 plus themes, different stickers, and many more. Our website has provided the tested link to the app to download for free.

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