GBWhatsApp APK Download v21.20 (Anti-ban) February 2023 | GB Whatsapp

February 18, 2023 By GBWHATSAPP

App Name GBWhatsApp
Version v21.20
Size 46.7 MB
MOD Anti-ban
Get it On Google Play
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and higher
Developer GBWhatsApp
Last Updated May 19, 2024
GBWhatsApp APK Download v21.20 (Anti-ban) February 2023 | GB Whatsapp

Download GB WhatsApp APK's most recent version 2021 to partake in a lot of elements. You can download both GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp messenger together on your telephone.

Meet GB WhatsApp or GBWA for an abbreviation. Like the first, GBWhatsApp permits visiting, voice, and video talking. It likewise shares areas, records, contacts, and all the other things. GBWA has the best, if not all, capacities and components of the first WhatsApp, however with all the more extra added highlights.

What Is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is the best WhatsApp that you could get for your device. Clients know this WhatsApp mod as a various record cordial mod thus significantly more. Notwithstanding, this mod can't be downloaded through application dispersion administrations like the Google Play Store. Yet, you're in karma as we have given the GB WhatsApp download connected underneath. Like other WhatsApp mods out there, GBWA has the first application's capacities and components with extra features. Many individuals might think or peruse that utilizing GB WhatsApp APK can get you restricted from the first WhatsApp.

Notwithstanding, this isn't accurate. You can undoubtedly utilize GB WhatsApp APK without getting prohibited from WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp is a broken version of an extremely well-known and broadly utilized informing stage WhatsApp. Through GBWhatsApp, you can get some convenient and gainful capacities. The prospects are perpetual as this modded application accompanies various customization alternatives.

GBWhatsApp is the most utilized modded adaptation of WhatsApp. It gives a ton of components that are not yet delivered in true WhatsApp. For the individuals who need no impediments on their informing experience in WhatsApp, they can decide to introduce GBWhatsApp. The most recent variant of GBWhatsApp has delivered an element where you can set an auto-answer to messages. Along these lines, this post will tell you the best way to set an auto-answer in GBWhatsApp.

Creator of GB WhatsApp APK:

GB WhatsApp was initially evolved by one of the main APK designers XDA. There are two additional organizations, for example, HeyMods and AlexMods who have likewise made their forms of GB WhatsApp. All things considered, they delivered GB WhatsApp Pro. 

The most widely recognized issue clients face while introducing AlexMods' rendition is the blunder message 'Application isn't reacting. Then again, HeyMods did well in the initial not many months. The explanation clients quit utilizing it is the size of the assets. The first GB WhatsApp needs around 47MB, yet HeyMods, space needs to GB WhatsApp download 53 MB which is for the assets. Clients need to introduce the whole assets to get the primary application. 

 Henceforth, it is prescribed to download GB WhatsApp by XDA. It isn't simply the best one yet additionally, has more than 6 million downloads. Here's how to download and introduce GB WhatsApp APK.GBWhatsApp APK can be downloaded to any Android gadget. You can download GBWhatsApp for Xiaomi, GBWhatsApp for Mi, GBWhatsApp for Samsung, GBWhatsApp for Vivo, GBWhatsApp for Oppo, and GBWhatsApp for Realme telephone from this page. All makers of Android telephones like Xiaomi, Mi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and so on are upheld.

Features in GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2021 by XDA:

  • A new base updated can also be achieved.
  • Anti-ban update is also available
  • You can select the dark themes as well.
  • Fixed Bugs are present.
  • The hidden chat feature is also available.
  • Hide recording status can also be done.
  • You can add stickers from Google Play.
  • Create, use and share your themes according to your preferences.
  • A backup feature is also available.
  • Video statuses of up to seven minutes can be attached.
  • Amazing tick styles are available.
  • Change the notify-bar icon according to your choice.
  • Multiple GIF providers are available

Features in GB WhatsApp 2021 by HeyMods

  • Option of Dark theme is present.
  • Custom themes are also available.
  • Change the color of the tick according to your choice.
  • Download the story whatever you want.
  • The backup and restore feature is also present.
  • Hide chats and privacy terms can also be done.
  • Animated stickers are present.

HeyMods accompany a few assets that help the APK on your gadget. While introducing the APK, you will be approached to introduce the assets too. Proceed with the assets to get the application.

Features in GB WhatsApp Latest Version by AlexMods:

  • A dark theme feature is present.
  • You can change color, theme, and profile according to your choice.
  • Backup and restore features are also available in it.
  • You can also download GB WhatsApp stories.


Perhaps the most thrilling elements of GBWhatsApp are that it allows you to buy and utilize features made by the organization behind GB WhatsApp. You may likewise browse the rundown of various dialects, including English, Spanish, and Chinese. 

You may likewise send huge documents of up to 50MB over the informing application.

Appreciate sending your recordings and excellent photographs without hosting to utilize any third-get-together applications. In addition, you can send these documents for nothing (it costs no cash). 

You can conceal your online status from your contacts and shroud your last seen messages by introducing this mod. Then again, you can stamp yourself as consistently on the web, in any event, when the informing application is shut.

Summary of GBWhatsApp APK features:

GBWhatsApp offers customization includes thus significantly more. Look at the rundown down beneath, and we're certain that you'll be persuaded of getting this mod for your device.

Cool launcher icons:

This one is an amazing feature that is present in this WhatsApp only but not available in official WhatsApp at GBWHAT.COM.

Auto-reply of messages:

This is a fantastic feature in which you can save a message as an autoreply. The Auto-Reply component of GBWhatsApp allows you to set predefined answers to the messages which you get when you are disconnected. You can pick the start time and end time for auto-answer messages.

Hide writing status:

In this latest version, users can hide the typing status. Nobody can see that you are typing once you enable this option.

Hidden chat feature:

You can also hide your chat by downloading this amazing version.

Hide recording status:

You can also hide the recording status. Once you enable it nobody can longer be able to see the recording status when you are recording a voice note.

Add stickers from Google Play:

You can add several stickers according to your preference from the Google play store.

Connectable with WhatsApp web: 

You can connect your WhatsApp with the monitor. The backup feature is also present. You can share up to 100MB of audio.


You can create use and share themes of your own choice. Conceivably the most liked of GBWhatsApp freshest variation ascribes, with all the mod you are probably going to can pick the topic of any piece of WhatsApp program, in the menus into a talk show, helping you to make a stylish which gives perhaps the most pleasurable experience. 

Video statuses:

You can share video statuses of up to seven minutes. This feature is not available in ordinary WhatsApp.

Amazing tick styles:

Various amazing tick styles are present in this modified version of WhatsApp.

Notify-bar icon:

You can change notify bar icon according to your preferences.

Multiple GIF providers:

A huge number of GIFs are available in this version of WhatsApp. Log available and Message Scheduler are also available.

Change video player:

You can change the video player. Log available and Message Scheduler are also available.

GBWhatsApp feature Details 

In case you're as yet not persuaded of getting this mod for your device, we've recorded down the advantages you'll appreciate when you get GBWhatsApp. 

  • Guard yourself against malware. 
  • Gain admittance to free features created by clients of this application. 
  • Utilize double or various WhatsApp accounts on a similar device. 
  • Utilize the official rendition of WhatsApp and GBWA all the while. 
  • Duplicate your everyday story, status, pictures, statements, and recordings 
  • Send huge documents like recordings, pictures, APKs, tunes, and different documents as long as they don't go over 50MB 
  • Shroud your message utilizing the secret message ticks 
  • Conceal your online status 
  • Offer more than ten photographs all the while. 
  • Redo emoticons and make them accessible for your contacts as well 
  • Limitless expansion and use of stickers 
  • Change the application symbol on the menu and your notification bar. 
  • It has an auto-answer highlight regardless of whether you're not on the WhatsApp business form. 
  • Make and utilize your subjects. Offer your creation to different clients as well! 

New features in the latest version

GB WhatsApp Latest Version has extra and refreshed components to make it quicker and smoother.

  • Feature of new base updated
  • Availability of Anti-ban update
  • Option of Call participants in groups’ mod
  • A huge number of new emojis
  • You can reply privately when in groups.
  • You don’t face issues anymore with stickers from Google Play 
  • There is no more crashing when searching for themes
  • Presence of Fixed bugs 

Pros and Cons of GB WhatsApp:

Before I begin revealing to you the upsides of the GBWhatsApp APK, I should tell you what GBWA APK is. GBWA is only a changed rendition of WhatsApp. As you most likely are aware WhatsApp is a first-class talking application for cell phone clients, this is accessible for all stages, including Android, iOS, Java OS, and the sky is the limit from there. WA gives some stunning provisions that other talking applications like WA couldn't give so. To exploit this cool application, a few engineers adjusted this application and transformed it into MOD forms.

GBWhatsApp APK is one of them. To utilize this application, you can utilize double WhatsApp; get that load of showed highlights.

Utilizing GBWhatsApp has its positive and its negative viewpoints. We'll express to you the feeling of our editors about the application so you can choose whether it ought to be your next informing application.

These are the primary benefits of utilizing this application, so you can choose for yourself whether it's advantageous utilizing a WhatsApp MOD or you're in an ideal situation adhering to the authority visit and informing application: 

Advanced customization: not at all like the official WhatsApp Messenger, GBWhatsApp permits us to redo the interface as far as possible. We can download topics made by different clients or change tones and symbols, the entire last from the settings menu. 

Advanced Privacy option: we can handle security viewpoints, for example, our association time, having the option to freeze it so it's not possible for anyone to know whether we've been back online after the time showed on the interface. It likewise permits the interface without showing the online status and picks assuming we need to conceal these angles overall or for explicit contacts or gatherings.

Yet, there are likewise a couple of hindrances, it couldn't be great: 

The likely risk of getting banned: since this is a MOD created without authorization, there's consistently the danger of being prohibited by WhatsApp and our record being obstructed until we introduce the authority form indeed. It occurred back in 2015 and by and by in 2019 when numerous clients of this MOD and other famous adaptations had their records impeded. 

No automatic updates: Another con is that GBWhatsApp doesn't refresh naturally so we'll need to do such physically.

Accordingly, we'll need to focus on the conceivable arrival of new forms to download them when we can to get hold of the most recent refreshed and antiban capacities that are added logically to stay away from the previously mentioned boycotts.

There is no rejecting that WhatsApp is among the most well-known informing applications today. The application is accessible for stages like Android, iOS, and Windows, and that's just the beginning. Contrasted with its rivals, WhatsApp gives astounding components and functionalities. 

In the interim, GBWhatsApp is only a mod of the authority application, similar to YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, FMWhatsApp, and some more. What's amazing with regards to GB WhatsApp is that you could utilize it alongside the application's true form. It likewise has more elements contrasted with different mods. 

The greatest detriment of utilizing this mod is that there is a restriction on accounts that are utilizing GBWhatsApp. At the point when the mod is distinguished, your record may be impeded for some time later. On the off chance that you plan on getting this mod, we profoundly encourage you to utilize a transitory number for that record. Never utilize the very one that you're utilizing for the first form of WhatsApp.

Download GBWhatsApp Previous Versions


What do you know about GB WhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a modded version of the famous informing application that you can download from WhatsApp Mod. This mod is among the best WhatsApp mods that can offer you astonishing elements that are missing from the authority form and surprisingly different mods.

Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, it isn't protected since your record could be impeded by WhatsApp. By and by, it isn't hurtful to your device since it doesn't convey with it any malware.


With WhatsApp mods filling in notoriety, there are zero excuses to stay with the informing application's regular adaptation. Partake in the functionalities of the official application with the additional features on GBWhatsApp. We are certain that you'll appreciate utilizing the mod due to its extra components.

There are zero excuses to remain exhausted with the straightforward look of WhatsApp despite its all-around entrancing components. You can partake in the courier with the phenomenal added provisions of GBWhatsApp, which gives you a wonderful client experience on top of what the first WhatsApp as of now needs to convey.

WhatsApp GB's most recent rendition is one of the most incredible mod applications that exist on the lookout. There are huge features are available for the client. Download any Android form, and get every one of the most recent elements. There's a lot more that should be possible with this well-established and most eminent texting application. It is the accommodation that GBWhatsApp courier download accompanies, which has made it the most downloaded mod application.

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